“Curious Little Beastie” — Maleficent Trailer

I was going to try and say something clever before I show you the trailer to this movie, but after watching it a few times, I’m sort of at a loss for words.

See for yourself!

I would not be considered a hard-core Angelina Jolie fan. Not that I don’t admire the way that she seems to devote her life and money to charities from all around that world, because I do. I’ve just never quite understood why so many people were drawn to her (aside from any physical draw). Her acting never seemed to pull me in to any of her movies. She was good as Lara Croft, but not the greatest. I liked her okay in Wanted, but that movie was strange in it’s own way. Really, the only movie I liked her in was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Though I may not care for her acting, I can not deny that she has a habit of portraying some pretty bad-ass female characters. I don’t see Maleficent being any different.

I’ve been excited to see this movie ever since it was announced as an idea. Sure, the casting made me a bit nervous, but the first time I saw the poster with Angelina as Maleficent, all doubts faded. I don’t know that there is anyone else who could look more like the sorceress than Angelina. Mostly, I’m excited to see a behind the evil tour of the villain. It reminds me a lot of Wicked and I feel like it may have a lot of the same tones (though with little to no singing). Maleficent has always scared the crap out of me, I think it was mostly the way that she carried herself and the contrast of her persona against Aurora’s.

With this movie, I’m hoping to see more of Maleficent than just the sorceress that curse Sleeping Beauty for seemingly no reason. I want to know what happened. Why does she dislike King Stephan so much? Could she be that annoyed about not being invited to Aurora’s introduction to the kingdom?  Is it just the typical “she wants to be queen” stuff? While Aurora was growing up did Maleficent ever have a change of heart? I like to learn about the meanings behind a villains actions.


Favorite Parts of the Trailer
- Though a lot of people are complaining about the CGI, I actually like that it’s a bit more imaginary. The fairies look like fairies, the magic is ethereal, and I don’t feel the need to have everything look completely realistic in a movie about magic
- The sort-of friendship that seems to develop between Aurora and Maleficent. Maybe it’s only the one scene, but it’ll be nice to see that Maleficent isn’t just a sorceress with no soul.
- Maleficent’s Horns. I know, a bit weird for me to have favorited but I can’t help but love the design choice in her horns and the fact that SHE has horns and it’s not just a cowl.

Overall, I’m really excited to see what comes of this movie, the casting seems great as does the way they’re going about the story. With a little luck, we’ll see more trailers in the future.

Maleficent comes out in theaters on May 30th of 2014.
What did you think of the trailer?


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